Party Basics

Don’t forget the glassware! Serving beer in the proper glass can enhance a guest’s experience. When serving beer, it’s important to have glasses that are “beer clean,” that is, free from any residue that will affect the beer’s flavor or appearance. For this level of glassware purity, an automatic dishwasher is ideal. Be careful to wash your glassware separately from other dishes, and use a sanitizing detergent so that all you taste is the fresh and flavorful beer.

Have you ever thrown a party, and afterwards realized you were too stressed to enjoy yourself? Here are several tips on how to enjoy your party as much as your guests: 

  • Be sure to leave enough time for you to plan, cook and/or order everything you’ll need.
  • Keep in mind that people may bring dates.
  • Make sure to include directions to your house. Don’t forget to include your phone number and let people know where they should park.
  • Finally, help your guests get home safely. Encourage them to designate a driver when they arrive. Be prepared to call a cab or ask someone to spend the night if he or she has had too much to drink.

Draught Tips

  • An unsecured keg of beer can destroy the trunk of your car. Secure the keg from rolling around. At 161 lbs., a half barrel shouldn’t be taken lightly.
  • It’s okay to roll your keg for easier transportation. The beer won’t be affected (and it’s a lot easier on your back).
  • Since the beer is drawn through the bottom of the keg, it is not necessary to put ice on the top of the keg. Ice the lower half of the keg when possible.
  • It is possible to over-pump a keg. Too much air in the keg will result in overly foamy beer.
  • Beer also foams more when it comes into contact with a warm surface, which is why it’s important to keep the picnic pump cold before tapping the barrel.
  • If your keg does get warm (not recommended), it is possible to chill it completely in just 30 minutes. First, place the barrel in your tub, surrounded by three bags of ice. Then, add water to the ice so that the surface of the keg is submerged as much as possible. In one half hour, your beer will be ready to serve and enjoy.
  • Once the keg is tapped and air is pumped in, the beer is good for approximately 24 hours before the C02 escapes and renders the beer flat.

How To Tap A Keg

Here are some key tips on how to effectively tap a keg:

  • Chill your keg to 36-38°F. One hour before the party, fill the bottom of a tub with two large bags of ice.
  • Add the keg and pour three bags of ice around the keg.
  • Keep the picnic pump (the “tapper”) cold and run cold water through the lines prior to tapping your keg to prevent overfoaming when you pour.
  • Remove the cap from the top of the barrel and position the pump at the opening.
  • Turn the valve clockwise until it stops and the tap is secure.
  • Pump four times to pressurize the keg.
  • Insulate the keg by wrapping a blanket over the top of the keg.

How To Host A Beer Tasting Party

  • Invite your beer-loving friends and anyone ready for a night of tasting the best beers with the perfect food compliment.
  • Keep things simple. Choose at least four and no more than ten different types and styles of beer ranging from the lightest flavors to the heaviest.
  • Invite guests to cleanse their palates between beer tastings. Be sure to have water and mild snacks such as bread, crackers, fruit, mild cheeses and cold meats.
  • Do not rush through the beer tastings. Share your thoughts, describe what you tasted.
  • Add food into the mix with these suggested food and beer pairings.
  • Once all of the basics have been decided, it is time to plan the menu. Decide what you want to serve and make a grocery list. Check out these recipes for some great ideas on what to serve at your party.
  • Budweiser sauces are also available and are a perfect way to add flavor to anything grilled.
  • Be sure to maximize your guests’ experience by serving beer that complements the food that is being served.




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