Wicked Weed Brewing to join Virginia Eagle Distributing network

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Virginia Eagle Distributing Company (VED) — is pleased to announce that a formal distribution agreement has been signed with regional craft brewing powerhouse Wicked Weed Brewing (Wicked Weed). The distribution area will include VEDs full footprint.

“For nearly 10 years, Wicked Weed has been one of the most revered brands in North Carolina,” says Scott Heinz, Chief Operating Officer, Virginia Eagle. “With this new distribution agreement, Virginia Eagle intends on bringing the best that this brand has to offer to our consumers throughout the Commonwealth.”

Known for brewing “big, West Coast hoppy ales and authentic Belgian ales brewed to inspire those who drank them,” Wicked Weed has an incredible reputation for producing beers that extend the boundaries of the craft beer industry. From fruity IPAs, like Pernicious (Great American Beer Festival Silver medalist) to French toast inspired imperial stouts, Wicked Weed covers the full spectrum of beers that are forward-thinking, ingredient-focused, and a direct reflection of their need to create.

“VED is prepared to carry most (if not all) of the specialty beers produced by Wicked Weed,” states Scott Heinz. “We (VED) believe that our retailers and consumers are looking for variety in the craft beer industry and we will continue to expand our portfolio to match this demand. Besides, who wouldn’t want a few beers from the Funkatorium?”

Immediate distribution areas will include the entire 22,000 square miles and more than 60 counties, independent cities and towns that VED services. All of the estimated 7,000 on and off-premise accounts, including local grocery and convenience stores, restaurants, clubs and bars, will be offered the opportunity to experience North Carolina’s most innovative brand.

“Until this partnership, Wicked Weed was only available in select areas of Virginia.” states Walt Dickinson, Co-Founder of Wicked Weed. “Our goal has always been to change the way people think about beer and this partnership with Virginia Eagle is going to give us the opportunity to get one of the most innovative and the largest portfolios in the US into Virginians hands.  Ryan and I both look forward to sharing a pint with everyone in Virginia very soon.”

About Virginia Eagle Distributing

Virginia Eagle Distributing company is locally owned and closely managed by a team of experienced professionals. The owners are involved in the day to day business and take great pride in developing their leadership team and bringing the best brands in the industry to retailers across the Commonwealth of Virginia. Virginia Eagle Distributing also has a strong belief in supporting local communities and has donated over $500,000 locally since 2009 to social and environmental causes. With our large employee base living across the Commonwealth of Virginia it is our pleasure to be your local distributor.

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